Learning is one of our core values and behaviours here at Tameside and Glossop.

Our Education, Training and Development Department’s key objectives are to offer both mandatory and essential training and development opportunities for all staff groups. We provide paid mandatory training and a protected training budget with a strong focus on investing in the continued professional development of our colleagues to ensure that they can achieve their full potential. 

Upon joining our Trust, all new starters receive a comprehensive induction package. Throughout your employment we provide annual appraisal meetings, regular 1:1s and staff wellbeing conversations to establish with our employees any areas of development. 

Our passionate team lead the way in helping staff with further training and career development opportunities within every department and at every level of our organisation. Ensuring you receive the progression opportunities and training you want from your NHS career.

Listed below are just some of the staff development opportunities on offer here at Tameside and Glossop:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Functional skills
  • Trainee Nurse Associates
  • Preceptorship

Internal staff development resources

  • Shadowing
  • Coaching
  • Job swap
  • Self-Directed Learning


We offer a full prospectus of essential skills training that is delivered by the Clinical Skills Training Team. The Essential Skills Curriculum includes blended learning courses across a wide range of clinical skills; Venepuncture, NEWS2, MUST , Cannulation, ECG recording, Telemetry, Catheterisation, IV Therapy and NG Insertion. This blended approach incorporates e-learning, virtual MS Teams theory classes and face to face simulated practice using part task training manikins in our clinical skills classrooms to support a variety of learning styles to get the best from our learners.

We also offer Acute Illness Management (AIM) which is a national course developed by the Critical Care Institute but delivered within our Education Centre. This course will provide registered healthcare professionals with essential knowledge to recognise, assess and manage acutely unwell adult patients. The course utilises a variety of teaching strategies and focuses on clinical assessment, communication and inter-professional team working.