The Acute Dietetics Team are based at Tameside General Hospital and provide a service to adult inpatients. 

The Team use their expert knowledge of medical conditions and nutrition to assess and advise on the best diet to meet patients' nutritional needs.

Reasons for referral to the Dietetics Team include;

  • To help improve a poor dietary intake or nutritional status
  • To optimise nutritional status before treatment or surgery and during recovery and rehabilitation
  • To meet nutritional needs if experiencing swallowing difficulties (dysphagia)
  • To give dietary advice to help manage conditions such as diabetes, coeliac disease, liver disease, short bowel, inflammatory bowel disease
  • To devise a feeding plan for patients who are tube feeding or receiving parenteral nutrition.

Our team forms part of therapy services within the Trust. We work as part of multidisciplinary teams and have close links with medical, nursing, catering and pharmacy departments as well as the other therapy services.

We are involved in Trust initiatives such as providing nutritional training to nursing and medical colleagues, production of resources, advising on patient menus and attendance at meetings such as Nutrition Committee.

The Team includes dietitians who are all registered with The Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) and dietetic assistants.

The Team accept electronic referrals via EIS from nursing staff, doctors and other healthcare professionals based at the Trust.