We are a nine bedded Critical Care Unit with the ability to manage level 3 or level 2 patients in Critical Care. There are two cubicles available within the nine beds – these give us the ability to manage any patients requiring isolation for any infection prevention issues.

Our established medical team consists of:

  • 12 consultants covering 24 hours a day, seven days per week for the safe management of any critically ill patients
  • 60 registered nurses providing dedicated one to one care for all our patients

We are assisted by a range of other teams who support the Critical Care Team for the core hours of the week which include, dieticians, physiotherapy, specialist microbiologist, pharmacy, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and many more we can call upon should we need to. 

Our Critical Care Outreach Team includes medical and nursing staff – this team are responsible for the monitoring of all patients within the hospital who are deemed to need extra support and monitoring with a decision to be made if admittance into Critical Care is needed.

  • Critical care matron
  • Critical care unit manager 
  • Critical care team leaders
  • Clinical lead for Critical Care 
  • Directorate manager 
  • Clinical directorate manager 

Referrals are made into the Critical Care Team generally from other specialities within the hospital once a patient becomes critically ill and needs some specialist intervention for the Critical Care Team.

Post-ITU follow up clinics

Name of Consultant: Dr Kash Rafique 

Name of Secretary and contact details: Samantha Hollingworth  0161 922 6357