About our department

Our service provides proactive management of patients with two or more long term conditions with the aim of preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and improving quality of life. We want to reduce the time people spend going between different healthcare professionals when they are recovering from an illness or need help in times of crisis.

The Extensive Care Service are a team of advanced clinical practitioners, enhanced practitioners and assistant practitioners. They have support from a Consultant and GP, and a Community Pharmacy Service. The Extensive Care Service provide a short term service of up to 12 weeks, for people with two of more long – term conditions, who may use emergency services as a result of these. They cover the Tameside and Glossop area, working together with other health and social care services in each neighbourhood, and within the acute hospital.

Our service is community based and the majority of care is delivered at your home or in a clinic if able to attend. We aim to maximise your health and wellbeing by educating and supporting you and your family or carer to manage your condition with confidence.

Emphasis is placed on developing a personalised care plan to empower you to self-manage your long term conditions, with the aim of reducing the need for acute management and admission to hospital.  

Nurses in the team have specialist knowledge of respiratory conditions and heart failure and, where necessary, can provide clinical assessment, investigations, diagnostics, treatment and review. We work collaboratively with existing health and social care agencies to provide holistic care.

Interventions offered by the team include:

  • Personalised care planning and coordination
  • Ordering of equipment
  • Reviewing medication
  • Optimising medication
  • Symptom management
  • Education about your condition, such as life style and risk factors
  • Promoting independence and self-management
  • Carer support
  • Referral to other agencies
  • Holistic palliative care
  • Telephone support

You can be referred to the service by your health or social care professional or you can contact us yourself, using the referral form.  Following your referral a member of the team will contact you by telephone to discuss your care needs and arrange a clinic or home visit if necessary. During the visit you will receive a comprehensive assessment to identify your care or treatment needs.

Extensive Care Service criteria
  • Is the patient 18+?
  • Does the patient have two or more long term conditions?
  • Has the patient been identified as frail (Rockwood Score 5+)?
  • Has the patient had one or more hospital admissions within the last three months?
  • Does the patient have a GP in Tameside & Glossop and/or does the patient live in Tameside & Glossop?

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