Our service helps parents build a strong relationship with their baby so that their baby feels safe, secure and happy. We provide information for all new and expectant parents in Tameside and Glossop, in the form of a booklet and DVD ‘Getting it Right from the Start’, available from your midwife or health visitor. 

Getting it Right from the Start

Being pregnant and having a baby is a special and memorable time in a parent’s life. But it can be a difficult time too. Different emotions, experiences and expectations can get in the way, and affect how parents feel in themselves and how they feel about their baby. When extra support is needed, we can provide more intensive help to parents and their babies in these critical first three years of life.

We work in community health clinics, children’s centres and people’s homes across Tameside and Glossop, and work closely with health visitors, midwives, GPs and other professionals. EAS is a partnership between Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust and Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust.

Our Expertise

Our team members are all qualified clinical psychologists and health visitors and we have many years of experience in working with parents, babies and children. We have all undertaken extensive extra training in the field of early attachment and parent-infant relationships, and can offer a wide range of skills and approaches.

Our service has received wide recognition for its good practice and forward thinking from other professionals, the Department of Health and the Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children’s and Young People’s Services (C4EO). C4EO is a national best practice hub for ‘what works’ in children’s services, and is used by all the local authorities in England. ‘Getting it Right from the Start’ was shortlisted for the national Nursing Times Awards.

To access our service, your midwife or health visitor will need to refer you. Some other care professionals also make referrals. A referral to Early Attachment Service would always be discussed with you first, and a leaflet should be given to you explaining the service you will be offered.

We will try to offer you an appointment within two weeks of a referral being made to our service. You’ll have a number of appointments with one of our team, to talk through your problems and concerns, and we’ll work out together what sort of help will be most appropriate for you. Depending on need, we offer both group and individual support.

At regular intervals and at the end of our work together, we will write to you so that you have a record of your progress. We’ll send a copy of the letter to the professional who first referred you, and your GP, so that they know how you’re getting on and how else to support you, if necessary.

You can receive support for your relationship with your baby without being referred directly to the service. Health visitors and community midwives have extra training in early attachment, and they will often provide the support you need, sometimes with extra advice from a member of the early attachment team.

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