At Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS FT we provide a wide range of hopsital and community services. You can find more details about the services we offer by using the search function below. 

Quality of services

All providers of NHS care are required to produce an annual Quality Account showcasing the work undertaken during the year to continuously improve the quality of our services based on national policy drivers and patient, staff and stakeholder feedback. Click here to view the latest Quality Account for the Trust.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed a number of challenges for NHS services across the country. Combined with the need to avoid unnecessary contact to reduce the spread of the virus, this has meant that some non-urgent appointments and surgeries may have been postponed, and others delivered differently using technology.

We are now gradually increasing important face-to-face services.

If you are waiting for an out-patient appointment or waiting for a test or a surgical procedure, we are currently prioritising the most clinically urgent patients.

If you are on our waiting list for surgery then we will be writing to you shortly to provide more information.

Thank-you for your understanding in this matter. 

Tameside and Glossop Integrated Neighbourhoods

The purpose of five neighbourhood teams (listed below) is to support residents in choosing healthy lifestyles, encouraging them to take more control and responsibility for their own health. The neighbourhood teams will enable care closer to the person’s home through a co-ordinated approach with primary care, health and social care services in addition to voluntary, community and faith sector services.

The integrated neighbourhood teams will facilitate the provision of, and access to, place based care with local services responding to local need.   By working together these teams will aim to work in a multi-disciplinary way to provide joined up services.  Where possible people will be treated and cared for closer to home and will only access hospital based care when necessary.

The neighbourhood teams are organised as follows:

Neighbourhood graphic.png

The focus of our integrated neighbourhood teams will include:
  • A focus on early action and prevention
  • Community based multi-professional teams promoting close working and communication between colleagues and across organisations
  • A single point of contact, with single assessment and shared clinical records
  • Supporting individuals who are a high risk of future emergency admission to hospital before they deteriorate
  • Proactive personalised care planning bringing together an individual’s personal circumstances with their health and social care needs
  • Continuity of care, including effective communication processes where information is streamed through appropriate teams