Recently, the Trust implemented a new Patient Portal system that allows patients to access their appointment details digitally, which is currently available for some of their outpatient appointments. 

For letters that can be accessed via the portal, a text message is sent as per example below:

This is an important digital letter invitation from Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust with information about your appointment. Please log in to the following link with PIN 1234 and your DOB on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Thank you

The link will then bring up the sign in page:

pictured the homepage of patient portal








Once the patient starts to use the Patient Portal, they can register to receive all future communication via the Portal in one place, as well as also viewing past and future appointment details.

The Portal also allows patients to confirm, rebook or cancel their appointment with one click. The patient can then add the appointment into their digital calendar as a further reminder. The Portal also allows the patient to access any additional information such as information leaflets, directions and any additional instructions and the patient can use the Portal to translate their letter in to their chosen language. 

Patients who do not wish to register for the Portal will automatically get a paper letter sent to their registered address.

Please watch this video for information and guidance on how to use the portal and access your information.