Publish date: 5 December 2022

International Volunteer Day, 5 December, is a pertinent reminder of how much we appreciate everything our volunteers do for us here at the Trust.

Volunteers make a unique and valuable contribution to supporting patients, carers, relatives, visitors and staff by sharing both their skills and time with us.

There is a long, proud history of volunteering across the Trust in a range of different settings. We have had an established volunteering programme for more than 46 years, and volunteers are an integral part of our teams.

We recently paid tribute to the volunteers that have dedicated years of their time to the Trust at a special ceremony, which saw the presentation of long service awards.

Awards were handed out to people who had been volunteering with us for five, ten and fifteen years. There were also two volunteers, Ken Buckley (pictured) and Lesley Roberts, who were both the recipients of a 25-year-long service award – which is truly remarkable. Collectively the volunteers have 185 years of service.

Arthur Egan.JPG
Arthur Egan
Jonathan Clutterbuck.JPG
Jonathan Clutterbuck
Kathleen Osborne.JPG
Kathleen Osborne
Lindsay Aney.JPG
Lindsay Aney


Paul Coverley.jpg
Paul Coverley


Sean Jeffrey.JPG
Sean Jeffrey


Susan Hanrahan.JPG
Susan Hanrahan



John Phillips.JPG
John Phillips


Ann Matthews.JPG
Ann Matthews


John Dewsnap.JPG
John Dewsnap




Kenneth Buckley.JPG
Kenneth Buckley